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With IMR, count on all the advantages of an IVR transaction without needing to use the voice, and allow your customers to view and select options that give you the information you need without the intervention of agents, for a fast and convenient means of communication.

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Accurate and timely information for your customers, as you give your agent localization tools to get location, distance, transportation, and time attendance information among others, on one map, for the different services to be offered to the client when they communicate with your contact center or customer service area. The location information may be requested by the customer, available in the application, or if necessary, taken from an application deployed for this purpose in your smartphone.

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Allow your customers to communicate from one of their favorite and most used media such as Skype, with your agents logged into your inbound campaign while controlling its management.


Virtual Agent with TTS

Generate massive message dispatch campaigns sending prerecorded voice messages, mixed with personal information such as names, numbers and quantities with our Text to Speech (automatic text to speech conversion).

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Speech Recognition - ASR

Use voice recognition or ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) as part of the IVR's transactionals or from the virtual agents, and generate a different and friendly communication, while automated.


Social Networks

Monitor and respond effectively to customer communications made through social networks, managing them as a campaign from the communications platform, while optimizing resources and increasing your customer satisfaction.

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