DragonTECH, Contact Center & BPO Software

Receiving Calls / Inbound.

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The use of this technology allows for high levels of service and to establish trends in operations. The user goes through an options tree that allows them to get the required information automatically and intelligently, from service hours to details of their accounts. Optimize the use of your resources and count on a versatile graphics tool for creating and modifying your IVR's online.

Transactional IVR

Automate up to 100% of its operation, integrating multiple platforms and databases, with this intelligent IVR and submit the required information timely, allowing your customers to interact efficiently and securely, without the intervention of an agent when not necessary.

marcacion dragonTECH
marcacion dragonTECH

Basic and Multilevel IVRl

Functionality to automate incoming calls through the navigation menu of options according to user choice, routed to the service you want in a timely manner.