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Success Stories

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Implementation of the priority attention concept of "Peak and Plate" for scheduling service appointments via IVR transaction. Before this type of service, only 40% of appointments were scheduled due to the busyness of doctors’ agendas, where all calls were transferred to be attended by live agents. With the implementation of this service, "Peak and Plate" the IVR evaluates whether a patient can request an appointment, according to the patient’s I.D. number and whether said patient is even or odd, and whether the day on which they are communicating is an even or odd day. This ensures the agenda availability for the diversity of patients and the result is the scheduling of 80% of requested appointments, reducing one of the big problems in this sector in Ecuador. This service is provided to the IESS entity (Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security), and by one of our partners in Ecuador, RECAPT, which is one of the contact centers recognized for supporting the sector among others. www.recapt.com.ec www.iess.gob.ec